Big Dogs

“What is the biggest dog in the world?” You may ask, well it depends on what you mean; tallest, largest, or longest. Let’s see:

The tallest dog breed is the Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound can stand a whopping 7ft tall, and the minimum of 32 inches at the shoulder.

The largest dog breed is the English Mastiff at a whopping 28-55 inches tall 44-53 inches long.

The longest dog breed in the world is the Australian Cattle Dog. They can get the length at 28-33 inches!

My first blog post!

This is about Pusheen, riding and more!



Pusheen the cat lives in a household of her mom, her dad, her little brother Pip,and her little sister stormy.This is Pusheen, the name Pusheen means kitten in Irish. Pusheen is a gray tabby and loves eating, blogging, and sleeping.This is Stormy, (Pusheen’s sister), when Stormy grows up, she wants to be just like her sister. Stormy is a Siberian cat and loves eating kibbles.This is Pip, (pusheen’s little brother) Pip is a Savanna cat who loves to swim.This is Pusheen’s mom, her real name is Sunflower. And she loves spending time with her kids she often posts on Mother’s Day.This is Pusheen’s dad, his real name is biscuit. He loves to fish and cuddle with Pusheen, Pip, and Stormy.This is Pusheen’s husband, his name is Tommy, and loves his family and has two kids. 


This is the family tree:

Thoroughbred Horse


Thoroughbreds are often used for racing. Most thoroughbreds are tall and skinny.

One of my MANY favorite racing thoroughbreds is Tiz The Law; He won second in the Kentucky Derby and he is AMAZING. He is a bay thoroughbred and was born March 19th 2017.